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Why You Should Have A Comprehensive Land Survey Done When Purchasing A Property

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As you plan to purchase a home, are you going to have a land survey done? Have you checked to see if one is required? It may not be, especially if there is a more recent one on record. However, you have to watch those surveys that are on record sometimes. Furthermore, just because one isn’t required doesn’t mean that you don’t want to elect to have a survey done. Let’s take a look at the importance of a comprehensive survey before purchasing a home.

When I purchased my first home, I was even guided by the real estate agent not to worry about the survey. There was one on file and made to look like it was recent. However, it was an old survey that was actually continuously time stamped each time the property was sold. Now, the land in question was a small tract, but there needed to be a new comprehensive survey done nonetheless.

For starters, the borders of the property were not clear. They had been muddied so to speak over the years. Had I wanted to set up a new fence, I had commercial property bordering my land on two sides. Not only that, but the property had truly encroached on mine. Since I did not have a recent survey done, I could not prove it. And wait until you hear what happened next.









There was a small part of a wooden fence on one side of my property. Interestingly enough, it didn’t even represent the true boundary. I wanted to use it at the time, however, to help me set up a secret garden so to speak. I began to plant all kinds of plants and flowers, especially climbing plants that covered the fence. Everything really started to look nice.

Then one day, the traffic court judge who owned the commercial property beside mine hired someone to do a little mowing and weed killing. He used the weed killer all the way up against the backside of the fence, which wasn’t part of the judge’s property mind you. My climbing plants had grown through the fence and had wrapped around. As you can imagine, it set back their growth quite a bit when the hired lawn service company weed killed them.

Needless to say, I was very upset. Disappointments of many kinds can be prevented when you have a proper land survey completed. Even nice neighbours have boundary disputes. The judge and I were not unfriendly to each other, and he had no intention of being mean. It was a matter of boundaries not being established.

Protect your investment and know the boundaries of your property. That will help you with future projects, and it can help you protect against what nearby property owners do, even if they don’t know any better. Even traffic court judges make mistakes, as you know from my story. That weed killing mishap is nothing compared to the boundary frustrations that property owners can have to put up with when a proper land survey isn’t done.